How to Brighten and Tighten Your Eyes

The area around your eyes is the most sensitive part of your whole face, so looking after them is extremely important. If they are not looked after properly, you will begin to see signs as you age as early as in your 20s. 

Dark circles, droopy bags, and crowfeet lines are just some of the examples of ageing and neglected under-eye health that thankfully can be treated without any surgical procedures. There are some cases where darkness around your eyes or sunken eyes is genetic, but we know that these can also cause you an array of issues, from dryness of the eyes and extra lines and wrinkles as you age. 

But how do you get those youthful, bright and tighter-looking eyes without going under the knife? Here are some options you can choose from.

Natural Remedies 

If medical solutions or a variety of creams are not for you, then there are some fantastic natural eye care remedies you can use to awaken those tired eyes!

  • Cucumber - Yes, just like in the movies, slicing up a couple of cucumbers and placing them on your eyes isn’t just for the cameras. It is actually a great way to reduce inflammation and leave your eyes feeling rejuvenated. 
  • Green Tea - Packed full of antioxidants and goodness, placing a moist green teabag on each eye for around ten minutes is the perfect way to fight off any bacteria around your eye and helps with puffiness and redness of the eye area. 
  • Water - It is simple but effective, but drinking enough water has a massive effect on your eyes and the health of your skin. Also, rubbing ice cubes onto your eyes will tighten the surrounding skin, leaving them brighter and happier than ever.

Eye Creams and Products

If the natural remedies are just not doing it for you, then don’t worry! There are loads of brilliant eye care products out there, ready and waiting to revitalise your beautiful eyes! Here are just some that you can try to get your eyes back to complete hydration: 

  • The AluminEye and Retinol Eye Gel are an excellent combination for your daily morning and evening routine; they are the best of both worlds as they not only reduce fine lines and wrinkles but also lock in moisture and create a protective, delicate barrier around your eyes all day long. 
  • The Derma Roller is perfect if you are trying to tighten and plump your under-eye area. Derma rollers help to stimulate the collagen around your eye, leaving you with a lifted and reduced redness appearance. You can do this as part of your morning routine to give your face the awakening it needs! 
  • EYECONIC is the master of all eye cream routines and gives you everything you need to start and finish your day! Leaving you with tighter, brighter, younger-looking skin using EYECONIC every day, you are guaranteed to see life-changing results giving you that confident, youthful look you’ve been craving! 

So, if you’re looking to take that next step in brightening those tired eyes, get in touch with Kirsty today, and The Yvette Clinic can help you discuss the next steps.