Introducing Deep Oscillation Massage for Lipoedema/Lymphoedema at The Yvette Clinic

The Yvette Clinic is elated to announce the launch of our groundbreaking service: Deep Oscillation Massage tailored specifically for Lipoedema and Lymphoedema patients. This advanced therapy promises renewed hope and relief for individuals grappling with these challenging conditions.

Understanding Lipoedema & Lymphoedema

A condition characterized by the abnormal accumulation of fat cells primarily in the legs and arms. It is distinguishable by its symmetrical presentation and the absence of swelling in the hands and feet. Often hereditary, lipoedema not only affects one's physical appearance but can also significantly impact mental well-being due to its chronic nature and misunderstood origins.

Resulting from a compromised lymphatic system, lymphoedema manifests as swelling due to an accumulation of fat, inflammation, and fibrosis. The complexity arises from the solid nature of the oedema, making conventional treatment approaches less effective.


At the heart of our new service lies DEEP OSCILLATION®, an innovative, internationally patented technology that has revolutionized therapeutic treatments worldwide. Here's what sets it apart:

-Electrostatic Field Creation: DEEP OSCILLATION® generates an electrostatic field within the patient's tissue, facilitating therapeutic oscillations.

-Versatility in Application: The treatment administered with a handheld applicator for self-treatment.

-Deep-Acting Benefits: Unlike conventional therapies, DEEP OSCILLATION® offers a profound and gentle effect, reaching up to 8 cm in depth. This ensures a comprehensive treatment that addresses skin, connective tissue, fat, muscles, and vascular systems.

Experience the Difference

Choose from our 60-minute or 90-minute Deep Oscillation Massage sessions and embark on a transformative journey towards improved health and well-being.

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