Revitalize Your Skin with Jan Marini BodyTx! Exclusively available in The Yvette Clinic!

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Your body can now have the phenomenal results that you give to your face! Instead of watching you neglect it whilst you apply your 4 step facial routine 😂

Get ready to experience the ultimate skin transformation with Jan Marini BodyTx – the game-changing body lotion your skin has been waiting for!

Formulated with a unique blend of AHA & PHA, it's designed to exfoliate and resurface your skin, leaving you with a radiant and smooth complexion. But that's not all – it's also packed with an advanced hydration complex that offers immediate and long-lasting moisturization.


• Gently resurface, polish & smooth skin for a glowing, reflective surface with deep moisturizing comfort for even the driest skins.
• Helps smooth and clear rough, bumpy skin.
• Softens, hydrates, and nourishes dry, flaky skin.
• Doubles skin's hydration within the first 15 minutes of application.
• Continued use doubles water content in the stratum corneum.
• Supports your skin's natural renewal process for healthy, younger-looking skin.
• Experience immediate, ongoing, and long-term hydration in a lightweight formula.

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