What are Crow’s Feet: How Chemical Peel’s Can Help

Crow’s feet are produced as the collagen and fibres in the face change over time, so when you do facial expressions, like smiling, it tightens the orbital muscle, which, throughout the years, makes small lines appear. Although a completely natural occurrence and isn’t something that needs medical attention for health reasons, it can be targeted and reduced with cosmetic help.

Suppose you want to reduce the signs of ageing or wrinkles by targeting your crow’s feet. In that case, you can try a few options to regenerate cells, but the chemical peel is one of the most popular treatments we provide and works wonders on your crow’s feet lines.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a technique that uses a superficial layer applied onto the selected area, in this case, the crow’s feet. A chemical peel allows targeted rejuvenation that can help smooth the skin, reduce the look of spots or blemishes and ultimately shrinks and resolves any fine lines or wrinkles.

An Alumier chemical peel can also benefit the future condition of your skin by stimulating collagen production. The chemical peel procedure will keep your skin firm and healthy for many years afterwards.

How Does a Crow’s Feet Chemical Peel Work?

There are a variety of different peels that are used depending on the severity of the crow’s feet appearance. 

With superficial and medium chemical peels available, our specialists will advise on the best option for your skin and explain in full detail all the benefits of each level of treatment. 

With these Alumier peels, you can expect a significant reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles around your crow’s feet. Still, this one is designed for a person whose skin has only small blemishes that need fixing.

Crow’s Feet Chemical Peel: After The Procedure

The difference between an Alumier peel and any other cosmetic procedure is that the results are not fully visible until a few weeks after the peel has been applied. 

When you get a chemical peel, a crust-type layer will start to form on the skin in 4-8 days, which can vary depending on which peel you get. 

Then, the crust will reveal a red skin pigment underneath. This red skin will eventually turn into a pinkish colouring instead as it heals. Then, the normal skin tone will return over the coming weeks and months, rejuvenated and healthier than ever. 

After the procedure, you will be given Yvette Clinic creams and advice on the best way to look after your periorbital skin. We also suggest coming in for regular in-clinic peels to give your skin the optimised homecare results.

You will be advised not to wear any make-up over the peel area until the crust stage has been completed and to continuously wear sun-protection lotion as this skin will be susceptible over the coming weeks. 

The overall result of having crow’s feet chemical peel is that you will be rewarded with natural and long-lasting youthful skin for months and years after the procedure. 

At Yvette Clinic, we always want to provide excellent care and provide you with the most appropriate cosmetic advice and procedures on the market. We only suggest products and techniques to enhance and improve your overall quality of life and improve your skin.

So please go and check out our other available procedures and products, and we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.